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Important User Information

Product Uses & Applications

This catalog displays products that are to be used by professional electricians for industrial applications.  We do not recommend these products be resold or repackaged for household applications or use by the general public.  Only skilled and qualified professional electricians experienced in modern industrial electrical installations, applicable codes and regulations should use, design, select, handle, fabricate and install these products.  These products are not recommended for any other use without proper inspections, tests, approvals, warnings, notices and instructions provided in conformance with Consumer Product Safety Regulations and any local, state or federal laws that are applicable.  

Assembly, Mounting, Storage & Transit

These electrical enclosures are designed and manufactured to be mounted permanently and should not be subject to dynamic impacts or loading.  The enclosures and its assembled equipment must be securely mounted to structures that will completely support the weight and sustain all other forces which may be imposed.  Complete vertical support and additional lateral support must be provided these enclosures during storage, assembly and transit.  Special equipment for stabilizing and supporting is available.  

Environmental Finish Protection

Our enclosures are finished with a polyester powdercoat of industrial grade designed to provide ordinary protection against corrosion in average stable indoor environments unless otherwise noted.

Special material, such as stainless steel, and finish enclosures are available for outdoor, special and/or variable environments that would accelerate corrosion.

Wiring, Connections & Checkout

Before energizing any circuits, check all internal and external electrical and mechanical clearances to assure all equipment mounted and assembled functions properly and safely.  Because of the variety of installed equipment, electrical applications and physical locations to which these enclosures may be subjected, it is impossible to anticipate or advise users about possible interferences which may occur in use of the enclosures.  To assure the proper electrical and mechanical functions in each particular application, assemblers and installers must consult with equipment manufacturers and observe all regulatory agenciesí procedures and safe practices.  

Alterations, Addition & Accessories

The enclosures described in this catalog are designed to meet certain designated specifications and we cannot assure the safety or effectiveness of any alterations and/or additions to enclosures not made by Metal Cabinet and Fixture.  Accessory items described in this catalog are for use only as described and not designed for any other application usage.  

Dimensions & Specifications

The dimensions and specifications contained in this catalog represent and illustrate the size, function and appearance of particular products and are not intended to be engineering specifications that show details of design or construction.  These details of design and construction are subject to change without notice; therefore, we recommend that customers inquire for current technical data that may be needed for their special applications.



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